About The Korea Times

Since the founding of the press in 1969, The Korea Times has stood as the Korean American community's most dependable source of information. Over the years, we have established unfailing mutual reliance with hundreds of thousands of readers across the nation. Efforts to reach the community have strengthened in 2004 with improvements in the quality of the publication, as well as the extended involvement in the community.

The Korea Times has been the voice of the Korean American community since it first publication in1969. As we move forward into the 21st century, we will continue to be committed to serving our readers not just as a community newspaper, but also as a companion and a leader to Korean Americans.

Over the years, The Korea Times has received a number of awards for outstanding journalism and leadership. As the Korean American community expands, The Korea Times' role in the progress of the community also expands. We value harmony both within the Korean Americans and among the many groups that comprise the fabric of this country.

The goal of The Korea Times is to set an example of productive Korean American partnerships across the world, as well as to fulfill the needs of the Korean American community, and to energize their cultural participation. The Korea Times is a proud partner of several major cultural and sports venues including The Los Angeles Times, one of the world's most acclaimed print media.

Message from the Publisher

When The Korea Times printed its first U.S. edition in 1969, the Korean population in Southern California stood at ten thousand. But now, as we celebrate the centennial anniversary of immigration to the United States, the number is over two million and continues to grow.

In all 50 states, Korean Americans have been working on fulfilling their dreams, and for the last 35 years, The Korea Times has been the eyes and the voice for these hardworking Koreans. We've shared joys and pains with the community, and this tradition is one of the assets that enabled us to come this far.

As we look ahead another 100 years, we continue to stand firm to our commitment to provide the community with quality journalism, while displaying dedication to community services.

Jae Min Chang

Publisher & CEO